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Racor Parker Pre Filter 2 Micron Kit suits:
Mitsubishi Pajero sport 2016-on

Here at Western Filters we like to know when there are issues with kits so that we can improve on their best features. With this kit, we have had our team develop a new bracket, which either a Fuel Manager or Racor Pre Filter can be mounted on. But that's not the best feature, we've made this installation so much easier then the existing kits on the market.

400 Series fuel filter/water separators are designed to handle today’s tough fuel filtration problems and can be used anywhere hand fuel priming is desired. Apply thread sealant to fittings (do not use thread tapes as particles may break off and contribute to clogging filter). Prime filter by operating hand primer pump until fuel spills out of vent port. Using a 16mm open-end wrench loosen restriction indicator to bleed trapped air.

Product Features:
:: Hand (palm) operated fuel priming pump :: Proprietary, high-capacity, water repelling Aquabloc II filters available in 2, 10, and 30 micron :: 4-port die-cast aluminum head (two inlets, two outlets) and a unitized mounting bracket for installation convenience :: Reusable contaminant collection bowls with self‑venting drain :: Optional 12 or 24 volt DC, 200 watt, in-bowl fuel heater, water detection kit - Danger! Not for use with gasoline applications :: Includes a fuel restriction indicator for monitoring filter condition - Note: Not for use with gasoline applications.