About us

Madness - That is what defines us. Because life wasn't busy enough with our 4 boys under 8 and full-time jobs, we thought we would create our own shop. We love the outdoors are you will catch us out in the mud at every opportunity. 

Throughout our journey amongst the 4wd community we learnt very quickly that good help was hard to come by. Reasonable prices and a fair service were a thing of the past. I'm sure many of you have heard these lines "We don't make that for a Triton, only a Hilux, the market is too small." 

Those words became the burning desire to start our company that we are proud to stand behind today. No market is too small for us to service and we are always willing to answer these questions others would rather laugh at. Investing in new products is high on our priority list, which is why we put our focus on offering innovative and new products. 

When you buy something from our store your product has been designed from start to finish by us. It has been tested by us and refined by us, to give you that finished product. We don't just grab something off the shelf and call it ours. We design and make our own products and are proud to stand by them. 

Your product is packaged by us from our own stock, with the help of our energetic kids. It is sent with hours of blood sweat and tears behind it in a finished product. 

We appreciate all the support we have received. We look forward to being able to invest further into new products and keeping you all out on the tracks.