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This battery comes in a sturdy mild steel black powder coated case with mounting flanges.  It measures a compact 360 long x 180w (excluding flanges) x 115h.  It has strong metal handle on the long side above battery display.  Including steel box it weighs 13kgs – quite light for a 100 A/hr battery.  On the end of one long side are 2 x flush mount 50A Anderson sockets and on the other side there is 1 x flush mount 120A Anderson Socket.  On the top of the case is a battery capacity voltage display that measures 60x40mm (back lit.)

Because of the low profile of this unit, it will fit neatly behind the driver/passenger seat in a car 4WD/RV.  Indeed you could put one behind each seat for 200 A/Hr.  The Anderson connectors guarantee a neat wiring installation with no exposed electrical terminals.  It could easily fit somewhere in a box-type camping trailer or even a small boat under a seat.