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The DCC12 series of battery chargers are the most effective way to charge your auxiliary or house batteries from an alternator/starter battery. Compatible with a wide variety of alternator types, the DCC12 offers correct charging for AGM, Flooded, Gel, and even Lithium deep cycle batteries! These chargers also feature a 3-stage battery charger and multiple electronic protections. Owners can feel confident that their batteries are being charged optimally and automatically. Easily install the compact, yet sturdy, DC1212 on RV's, commercial vehicles, boats, yachts and many more applications!

  • Multi-Chemistry Battery Types: AGM, Flooded, Gel, and Lithium
  • Smart Protection Features: Over-voltage safety, Overheat protection, and Reverse polarity protection
  • Battery Input and Output Isolation
  • 3-phase Charging: Bulk, Boost, and Float
  • Compact, sturdy design, built tough for all conditions
  • Increases run time of loads, such as fridges and lights
  • Overcomes voltage drop caused by long cable runs
  • Prolongs Battery Life