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Springs are a vital part of the suspension system; without them, you would feel every bump you drove over.

The job of coil springs is to absorb the shock forces we encounter when driving over a bump in the road. When compressing and recoiling back and forth, we feel little movement when we drive because the coil springs are doing their job.

In a 4x4 vehicle which is being used offroad or to carry heavy loads, it is vital to get the spring rates correct, to allow for maximum comfort while maintaining the best results all round. 

ORD Engineering process

ORD Engineering springs are designed using the latest cad software with engineers who specialise in 4x4 suspension. OEM springs are analysed and engineered drawings generated after analysing the desired lift and load carrying requirements. Samples are generated and rigorous testing is conducted in Australia in real life scenarios. We test the products off road, on long drives, while carrying loads and while conducting everyday driving maneuvers. Adjustments are then made and further samples made and tested. Once passing this process the springs are placed into production. 

We use only the best materials, X5K steel, with the latest production methods to reduce sagging and increase longevity.

All ORD springs are painted in a modern silver and are best paired with our range or shocks. 

Linear v Progressive 

A linear-rate spring is evenly wound from top to bottom so that the force (road surface bumps and potholes, acceleration and braking) remains the same from the initial input right through to when the spring won’t compress any further.

A progressive or dual-rate spring is wound closer at one end and further apart at the other. Initial force meets less resistance but gradually meets more resistance as force increases. 

Front springs


These are a linear spring and are for vehicles which do not have any extra accessories or load carrying requirements to the front of the vehicle. These springs will hold up to 50kg of extra weight being held to the front of the vehicle and will provide a 35-40mm lift. 


These are a linear spring and are for vehicles which have accessories fitted to the front. if you have added bullbars and winches these springs are the best option. These springs will provide a 40-50mm lift in most cases and will not be affected by the extra weight of accessories. 

Rear springs


These are a progressive spring and are designed for optimum comfort while maintaining performance off road. These springs will allow loads of up to 150kg and will provide a lift of 40-50mm. These are the spring of choice and the ones we reccomend to most our customers. If you are carrying heavy loads these springs can be paired with airbags if the progressive spring design is your chosen option. 


These are a linear spring and are for vehicles which have accessories fitted and carry heavy loads. Thes springs will hold up to 450kg of load to the rear and will provide a good lift. These springs are the best option for those carrying heavy loads and do not wish to use airbags. 


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