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Product features

  • Direct fit, replacement for the OEM unit, no modification required
  • 162.5% increase in core volume
  • 42mm core
  • Polished aluminium, TIG welded
  • Increased fluid capacity
  • 3 core design
  • Hemmed fins
  • Stepped cores
  • High performance cap

Help prolong your vehicle, protect it from overheating and ensure the performance of your vehicle in the harsh Aussie conditions.

This is a direct replacement to the OEM unit. 

We have designed this radiator which we are sure you will love; here's why. We entirely replaced the slim stock core and plastic end tanks with a full aluminum, TIG-welded construction, sure to stand up to the abuse on the road or off the beaten track. The core on our design has also grown. We expanded the core’s thickness to 42mm, which is a whopping 162.5% increase over the stock unit. This radiator is a 3 core design also.

We have used a hemmed fin which allows for double the thickness which aids in strength and durability. Stepped cores enable the air to flow freely through the core due to the unique angled design. 

Product testing has shown that this radiator can decrease temperatures drastically. Towing tests, idle tests and 4x4 testing has shown that overheating issues will be reduced. 

12 month warranty. 

Why should I upgrade you ask?

The radiator that came with your car was built to meet the demands of the average driver, but you are not the average driver. You take the car off road and you tow heavy loads for long periods this means adding more heat into the radiator, which the stock radiator was not designed to handle. ORD aluminum radiators provide an added level of cooling capacity that stock radiators simply cannot deliver. This maximizes your engine’s efficiency and keeps your engine cool in the hottest conditions.


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