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  • Direct fit, replacement for the OEM unit  
  • 75mm core
  • Polished aluminium, TIG welded
  • Made to handle extra power
  • Stronger replacement O-rings
  • Suits our range of silicone hoses. 
  • Increase in performance and torque
  • 91% increase in core size

This is a direct replacement to the OEM unit. 

We have designed this intercooler which we are sure you will love; here's why. We entirely replaced the slim stock core and plastic end tanks with a full aluminum, TIG-welded construction, sure to stand up to the abuse on the road or off the beaten track. The core on our design has also grown. We expanded the core’s thickness to 75mm. We have also added some height to the intercooler measuring in at 580x225x75 in contrast to the OEM unit 580x160x50. This is a whopping 91% increase in core. 

This replacement will efficiently reduce induction air temperatures while providing improved engine output. New, stronger O-rings will be provided to alleviate concerns with the factory part regularly failing. 

Why should I upgrade you ask?

The stock intercooler is rather small and is known to leak through the joins. It is also known to split on the plastic ends. When fitting aftermarket bullbars and accessories, this greatly hinders airflow. That's where the larger better performing unit will benefit you greatly. We have made this taller at the top to allow greater airflow with aftermarket accessories. 


Photos show testing and results

Pink = initial 

Green = oem intercooler with tune

Red = ORD intercooler with tune



Some modifications may be required to aftermarket accessories and brackets. This will not fit with a double trans cooler and will only suit having 2 single trans coolers. 

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