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*For vehicles with standard suspension*

The Polyair Ultimate Series load assist airbag kits are specifically designed to suit coil sprung vehicles. The Ultimate Series unique design allows for a huge 60psi of pressure for those seriously heavy loads!

When you load up the back of the vehicle or hook up a caravan or trailer, you'll notice the rear end drop down; this drop can have some adverse effects on your vehicles safety and handling. Symptoms such as:
- Suspension bottoming out
- Rough ride
- Excessive sway & body roll
- Unpredictable braking characteristics
- Poor headlight aim 

All this can be mitigated by simply installing a set of Polyair Ultimate Series!
The airbag kit is air adjustable, giving you flexibility to tailor the level of support for your individual load types and weights.

The Ultimate Series significant 60psi pressure rating allows you to take on the tough loads, whether you are highway touring or travelling off the beaten track. The Polyair Ultimate are the most advanced polyurethane airbag on the market and will provide your vehicle with a new level of support!

- Air adjustable from 5-60psi !
- Tough molded polyurethane construction
- Easy to install using common tools
- Easy to follow, illustrated instructions
- Quick connecting, easy to use air fittings.

2 year, unlimited km warranty