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This 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 replacement battery is compatible in size with traditional 90-100Ah SLA batteries (check dimensions), but with all the benefits of cutting edge lithium technology. LiFePO4 batteries offer longer service life than traditional lead acid batteries, plus weigh less than HALF as much as SLA batteries. LiFePO4 also provide more usable life per cycle, allowing for longer run times by holding a higher voltage until capacity is almost exhausted. These batteries will also maintain 80-90% charge when in storage - far higher than their lead acid counterparts. The latest generation in maintenance free batteries is here!

Each battery is fitted with an internal battery management system to provide safe charging and discharging at all times. This system provides internal short circuit, over temperature and under/over voltage cut off. Can be wired in series and/or parallel.

Suitable for recharging with the mains battery charger models listed in the accessories below.

Excessive temperatures over 65ºC can effect the ABS housing. Need to be well ventilated in warm conditions. Not for use in engine bays.


  • Internal battery management system for safe charging and discharging.
  • Drop in replacement for standard lead acid 90-100Ah batteries (check dimensions)
  • Half the weight of traditional lead acid batteries.
  • Less discharge when in storage compared with traditional lead acid batteries.
  • Longer service life compared to lead acid.
  • Longer run time compared to lead acid.
  • Electrical Specifications
  • Nominal Voltage: 12.8 V
  • Amp Hour Capacity: 100 AH
  • Reserve Capacity @ 30A: 200 min
  • Energy Density: 1280 Wh
  • Resistance - Milliohms: < 50
  • Efficiency - round trip: > 99.5%
  • Self Discharge per Month: < 3%
  • Max 4 - series connections: 12-48V
  • Parallel connections: No Limit
  • Discharge Specifications
  • Max Cont Discharge current: 100 A
  • Peak Discharge Current 3C: 300 A
  • BMS Current Cut Off: >100.5A 10S
  • BMS Current Cut Off: >120A 3S
  • BMS Current Cut Off: >150A 1S
  • BMS Voltage Cut Off: 10V
  • BMS Reconnect Voltage: 12V