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Premium monotube remote reservoir, dampening adjustable. 


ORD Engineering suspension has been designed and developed with Pioneer engineering. This suspension has been rigorously tested offroad and on road here in Australia, through varying conditions including sand, snow, mud and towing heavy loads. 

This kit is our premium offering with its remote reservoir design which allows for dampening adjustment. It contains an adjustable dial which allows you to dial in your dampening. 

With its monotube design, and adjustability, these kits are of the highest quality. These can be paired with various springs which will allow you tailor make your suspension kit. 

Keeping Your Cool

Heat is the sworn enemy of shock performance. If too much heat develops in a shock, air bubbles form in the shock oil. Once this aeration happens, the viscosity of the shock oil goes down significantly, creating a mushy feeling and a lack of damping control. A remote reservoir aids cooling in two ways. First, a remote reservoir shock can hold more shock oil since there is no longer a free-floating piston and gas charge taking up space inside of the shock body. Secondly, the remote reservoir (and even the reservoir hose) act as heat dissipators helping to get rid of excess heat. Both of those might not sound like much, but they can play a significant role in keeping shock oil temperatures in check.

Every Inch Matters

Most people think the only benefit of remote reservoir shocks is their extra cooling capacity. But, another significant advantage is that a remote reservoir shock can offer more suspension travel than a non-reservoir shock of the same size. How is that even possible? Well, with the gas charge and free-floating piston no longer in the shock body, there is more room for the valving piston to travel. The shock can now take advantage of using the whole shock body instead of just most of it. And when it comes to wheel travel, every little bit helps. 

Under Less Pressure

Another advantage of a remote reservoir shock is that they use significantly lower gas pressure compared to a non-reservoir monotube shock. This lower pressure has more "give" to it as the free-floating piston tries to compress it. The result is less harshness as the shock runs through its full stroke. Less pressure is also easier on seals helping them to last longer. And, the pressure in a remote reservoir shock is adjustable for a bit of tunability.

The shock absorbers contain comfort valving to ensure the ride of your vehicle is as smooth as possible. 

Warranty - we stand behind our product, with a 4 year 80,00km warranty period on manufacturing defects. Warranty is registered online https://form.jotform.com/222441446451046


  • Monotube design - fully rebuildable
  • Remote reservoir - adjustable dampening
  • Inverted monotube (shaft facing down) - optimum performance
  • H/D 3mm Brushed steel nickel plated body - ultimate in strength and durability
  • 52mm Outer body - increased fluid volume to prevent fade and improve control
  • 20mm Hardened chrome heavy duty shaft 
  • Unique piston ring technology - full teflon band seal 
  • 46mm Piston Valve - Twin deflective disc for maximum control of fluid for both rebound and compression cycles
  • Quality pure rubber bushes 
  • Multi-Stage velocity sensitive piston valve - Ultimate comfort and control
  • NOK Seals, 5 levels of sealing 
  • Internal fluid - High quality shock absorber fluid able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Internal Shock Specifications - Micro polished internal tube bore
  • Engineered for on road and offroad drivability and touring
  • Premium spring options - linear and progressive options
  • Long travel design - optimised for offroad

You will receive

  • 2 x rear shock absorbers
  • 2 x rear springs
  • 2 x front springs
  • 2 x front shock absorbers
    Front Springs
    Rear Springs